ZD-3000Digital Soil Heavy Metal Rapid Tester

Technical parameters
砷(As): 0 -199.9 mg/Kg (mg/l) 分辨率Resolution: 0.1 mg/Kg (mg/l)
汞(Hg)、镉(Cd): 0 -19.99 mg/Kg (mg/l) 分辨率Resolution: 0.01 mg/Kg (mg/l)
铅(Pb)、铬(Cr): 0 -1999 mg/Kg (mg/l) 分辨率Resolution: 1 mg/Kg (mg/l)
测量精度Accuracy:±2% F.S.
工作温度Operating Temperature: 5-45 ° C(41-113°F)/ ATC
One-point ( the factory is calibrated and the user does not need to recalibrate ).
功能Features: 8分钟左右,自动关机(或手动关机)
Automatic switch-off function: after about 8 minutes without pushing buttons. the meter will be switched off automatically .
显示器Display: LCD带背光源 LCD with illumination. 重量Weight:100g
电源Power supply: DC 9V(可充电池/6F22镍氢)DC 9V Battery (rechargeable )
尺寸Size: Ø50.5 x 250mm 探头长度probe section:140mm
型号Model: ZD-3000(5 in 1):
ZD-3001砷(As)、ZD-3002铅(Pb)、ZD-3003镉(Cd)、ZD-3004铬(Cr) 、ZD-3005汞(Hg)
应用: 该产品是采用定制的特殊金属材料作传感器,来实现对土壤重金属的快速测定.
Used: It USES customized special metal materials as sensors to realize rapid determination of soil heavy metal available .