ZD-1801 N Soil Available N Nutrient Tester

ZD-1801 N Soil Available N Nutrient Tester

Model No.︰ZD-1801 N


Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰3 pc

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Product Description

ZD-1801N Soil Available N Nutrient Tester

Usage 1. Take off the protective cap from metal probe. 2. Press OFF/ON button. Tester displays 0. 3. quick testing:Water the soil with distilled water before testing. Make sure the water can go 10 cm deep the least. Best humidity is 70%-80%. Insert the metal probe into soil vertically and clockwisely, to about 6-8 cm deep. Make sure the soil has thorough contact with metal probe. After about 6 seconds, the tester will display the measured value.Tightness of soil will affect measuring result. Multiple tests at the same and different points should be performed and take the average as final result. accurate testing:Use a 200ml beaker container, mix dried soil with distilled water at the ,stir and make it into a mud form. Put the metal probe into the mud about 6-8CM deep. About 6 seconds, the tester will display the measured value. 4. Wipe the metal probe with towel or tissue paper after each test. Make it clean and dry, till the display shows 0. Waring 1.Do not use the tester to measure liquid. Do not measure dry and hard soil. Do not leave the metal sensor inthe wet soil long (take out immediately after each test) . Or it will damage the metal sensor and shorten the lifespan. Wipe the metal sensor clean and dry after each test. 2.The tester is factory calibrated. No need for calibration for users. 3. Replace the battery. 4. When store the tester, put the protective cap onto the metal probe. Avoid touching metal probe with hands, avoid scratch with hard objects. Keep the tester in clean and dry environment. Keep it away from magnetics. 5. Measuring units: 1mg/Kg = 1mg/l =1ug/ml=1ppm

Payment Terms︰ T/T

Lead Time︰ 1-3 days

Specifications︰ ZD-1801N Soil Available N Nutrient Tester
Measuring range:0 - 1999 mg/Kg (mg/l) Resolution: 1 mg/Kg (mg/l)
Accuracy: ±2% F.S. Working temp: 5-45 ° C(41-113 ° F/ATC Display: LCD with back light;
Calibration: Factory standard calibrated
Power supply: DC 9V(Non-rechargeable battery)
Probe length: 140 MM
Dimension: Ø50.5 x 250 mm
Weight: 100g
Feature: Auto-switch-off in about 5 minutes

Advantages︰ The tester is for field use,to quickly test instant Nitrogen. conteent in soil.

Export Markets︰ All over the world

Pricing︰ US$206

Payment Details︰ T/T

Min Order︰ 3 pcs

Ship Date︰ 3 days

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